“The actor Veena Malik has expressed anger at a 26-year jail term handed down by a Pakistani court after she acted in a scene loosely based on the marriage of the prophet Muhammad’s daughter. The same […]

    • Erdogan’s also claimed Muslims discovered America. But neither of those things piss me off as his letting ISIS on Turkish soil. There’s a reason I called him our century’s answer to Quisling.

      Oh, on schools for husbands, what’s interesting is, something similar is being done on Rosebud by the same guy who led the honor song after KXL was defeated.

    • Daniela,

      I personally wonder if anyone has pointed out to Erdogan that there are feminists who actually are mothers. That’s something I know. I guess feminist women must really all hate motherhood if a huge number of them are currently mothers, and expected mothers.

      Misogyny like racism, makes you say incredibly stupid things.