“A doctor from the Democratic Republic of Congo has won Europe’s top human rights prize for helping thousands of gang rape victims in the country.”

    “The Australian Competition and […]

    • I’m trying to decide if I care whether Egypt banned the Moses movie because the movie said the Red Sea parted due to a miracle or because it said the opposite. The only option not open to the ambiguous, poorly written article is the most likely one that the Red Sea never parted at all.

    • Hmm. The actual, ya-know, BOOK of Exodus doesn’t mention the pyramids at all. A reason that some cast doubt on the whole story, though the ‘land of Goshen’ was where the short-lived Hyksos dynasty was located.

      AND. The bible suggests that three days of high winds ‘parted’ the body of water. No earthquake.

    • The exodus story is really odd. Certainly if you study theology in Germany you learn that it’s basically rubbish. Though it’s highly possible that some people who later moved to the near East did at some time live in Egypt, there’s no evidence to suggest a large exodus. Also the Egyptians didn’t really have slaves.

      Oh, and the great pyramids were built some 1500 years before Moses (if he ever lived).

      Actually Moses is a part of an Egyptian name. Mws in Egyptian means “born” or “born of”, rather like the Scottish “mac” or “mc”.