• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, The Telegraph’s Weak Exposé of James Randi, on the site Skepchick 5 years, 2 months ago

    Will Storr has a pretty vicious article over at the Telegraph claiming that James Randi is lying when he refers to himself (as a magician) as an “honest liar” in his new documentary of the same name.

    I actually […]

    • Thanks for this article.

      I appreciate the acknowledgment of the dangers of hero worship I myself am prone to, and the acknowledgment of your own ignorance on some of these points. This is what skepticism is about. Pick apart the broken arguments, and rise above them by not making the same mistakes.

      The final few paragraphs fantastically deal with a lack of information on very serious issues.

    • Typical skeptic derailing. It is not the color of the eyes of the dogs that forged Obama’s birth certificate that matters, but the shape. They are reptilian slit eyes, disguised by invisible contact lenses. Skepchick is owned lock stock and barrel by Big Reptile (aka Diplodocus ‘R Us).

      P.S. I’ve been reading the comments on the Telegraph article and my brain has melted. Please ignore the 1st paragraph.

    • In the case of Randi’s statement about climate change, I think it should be pointed out that he’s a magician, not a scientist, as he himself has pointed out.

      I used to buy into some of the denialist arguments myself.

    • “I used to buy into some of the denialist arguments myself.”

      It is easy to do that when you focus on one or two things that seem questionable and ignore the big picture, which taken together makes a virtually open-and-shut case for the man-made climate change theory.

      Here’s an essay I wrote years ago that details some of the issues:
      Those terrible twins of climate change, CO2 and H2O

    • I agree that we should beware of hero worship, but still, it’s ok to show respect to someone, as I think Watson does in this piece.

      As to the Australian story – Randi is an entertainer. Anyone who has seen him live or heard him speak will know this. Exaggerating a story to make it exciting goes with the trade, in fact Randi might not be exaggerating, he might truly remember the story as he tells it now. IF one has a problem with the story, then start by calling it inaccurate or exaggerated, in stead of calling him a liar.

    • Re – (He believes drug users deserve to die from their addictions) Ok that should read “he once believed….” (presumption statement is true).

      But as a general point, is there some ‘Social Statute of Limitations’ whereby our previous ideologies are no longer held against us? Seriously, I would bet everyone has some skeleton in the closet.

    • Congratulations on the article and the work on the blog! I’m from Brasil and since 2002 keep a blog in portuguese which I try to disprove (or confirm) the rumors circulating on the web. I would like you to meet and join us in this project!
      Regards to all skeptics friends and sorry for my bad english!

    • This article is almost pathetic. “I spoke to people who Randi has exposed to be frauds, and they said mean things about him.” Well done, journalist.

      I am worried about how he found out about my truth fetish, though. I totally get off on truth.

    • Climate change and addiction/alcoholism seem like stock denials for the ‘libertarian’ crowd. I have no idea whether Randi himself has any particular enthusiasm for the Randroid subculture, but many of his close supporters (Penn Jillette etc.) DO.

      Randi has made the point that he is a lifelong teetotaler himself.