• It may seem unlikely that a telenovela adaptation about a 23-year-old virgin by choice who was accidentally artificially inseminated by her soon-to-be baby daddy’s gynecologist sister would be a bastion of […]

    • This doesn’t surprise me at all, the last “telenovela” to American television translation (Ugly Betty) was similarly deft at handling touchy subjects in a very progressive way (not surprising given that Salma Hayek was executive producer) while still being plenty goofy. I already watch too many shows but once I get bored with too many procedurals I’ll have to give Jane the Virgin a look since Glee has failed to scratch my “goofy melodrama with a heart AND a head” itch sufficiently, especially of late.

    • Especially important is that there is no way anyone can say her pregnancy is her fault. And she chooses (There’s that word, chooses. See, right-wingers? Pro-choice doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has an abortion.) not to have an abortion.

    • Interesting writeup. I’d never heard of the show (don’t turn the tv on much these days).

      I’ve also never heard the word “telenovela” before. What is it?

    • Another show I’ve found surprisingly progressive is Disney’s ‘Girl Meets World’, sequel the old ‘Boy Meets World’ from the nineties.

      The main characters are in the 7th grade (I think), but they’re up front with the idea that girls are attracted to boys. Sometimes I’m amazed they’re as forward as they are. It is Disney, after all.

      And their friend, Lucas, is a pretty good role model for young men, too. Though he’s a little over traditional.